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Magical Electric Shaker Bottle

  My dad really likes this protein bottle from Voltrx. He said it was the best gift for him this year. My dad drinks ginseng every day and his doctor suggested that he grind it into a powder for easy consumption, one spoonful every morning. But in reality, ginseng powder doesn't dissolve in water at all, and it doesn't mix well with a spoon.

  One day at the gym I saw someone drinking protein powder with a similar product, and I thought ginseng powder might still work.

protein shake blender

  Finally I found this item. It is super strong than I thought, good quality and well mixed. Works very well and clean, I have only taught my dad once and he knows and loves it. Now drinking ginseng no longer distracts him and he loves doing it.

  He says that using the right products makes life easier and healthier, like this electric mixing bottle.


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