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Adhere to the benefits of flat support a minute a day

  Although the practice of flatbed support looks very simple, but most people do flatbed support will only be able to do it for about 1 minute, so many people will not be able to insist on practicing it. But in fact, if you insist on practicing 1 minute of flat support every day, insist on a period of time you can see the changes in your body.

  Improve the body posture

  For the improvement of body posture this point is expanded to improve the existence of other problems in the body, such as pelvic tilt, hunchback shrugging and so on, by doing flat support, can effectively improve the body's form, and can enhance the body's muscles, which will also make your body looks very beautiful.

  To develop a waistline

  Although the flat support is just a simple prone support action, but it can bring strong stimulation to the abdominal muscles, stretching muscles, fat consumption, so that the abdominal muscles more obvious, the waistline so out. And insist on exercising, you will find your waist and abdominal strength is particularly strong.

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  Reduce spinal injury

  The spine is the part of the body that supports the weight of the upper body, many women due to sitting and other lifestyle habits are not very good, resulting in many problems with the spine. And more flat support can make the muscles next to the spine to get exercise, the spine and intervertebral discs can play a supporting role.

  The correct way to practice flatbed support

  When practicing flat support, choose the right ground, bend both elbows to support the ground, shoulders and elbows perpendicular to the ground, toes on the ground, body straight, keep the head, shoulders, hips, ankles in the same plane, tighten the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles, eyes to the ground, breathing evenly. When practicing, it is best to put a mirror to facilitate correction of posture. Arms forward, shoulders will be injured; waist down couch, will damage the lumbar spine; do not hold your breath.


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