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Where to exercise the muscles of the bar

  When we do not have equipment at home for exercise, we can go to the sports center near our home, where there should be a single bar to allow us to assist in training. The bar exercise is a very common exercise method in our daily lives and has a very good exercise effect, but many people are not sure where it can exercise.

  There is no doubt that the arm muscles are one of the muscles that must be used in the bar, when we do certain movements need to arm biceps, brachialis and brachialis muscle force, in doing a variety of curved arm movements mainly use the biceps and brachialis. Without sufficient arm strength, you can not do well.

  The core muscle group is a muscle group composed of rectus abdominis, oblique abdominis, lower back muscles and erector spinae muscles, etc. Exercising with the bar can have a certain exercise effect on them, especially the abdominal muscles.

  Pulling the bar is one of the most effective exercises to exercise the back, which will inevitably require the strength of the back. When we use the bar to do pull-ups and other movements can exercise the large circular muscles of the back, the latissimus dorsi, the rhomboids, the lower trapezius and other places.

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  The bar can help relieve back and leg pain. When hanging the bar, the patient holds the bar with both hands, makes the feet completely off the ground, and lets his or her body hang freely. The first can be done according to their ability to do a small amount of hanging, hanging 2-3 times a day, each hanging 15-30 seconds, and then gradually increase the number of times and time to pull the hanging, if possible, can also move, the size of the magnitude of the degree of physical strength and pain allowed. 3 months later, the pain level of the waist and legs will be reduced day by day, the pain disappears unnoticed.

  Hanging the bar can not be said to treat cervical spondylosis, but only to say that the prevention of cervical spondylosis health care may be helpful. The reason is that cervical spondylosis is mainly caused by long-term abnormal posture of the cervical spine, such as low-headed people, hanging a bar can raise the chest and head, improve the blood supply of the cervical spine.


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